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Our Team

Executive Chef:

Golden F. Monix 

Golden was born and raised in Sarasota's historic Newtown community. He was coach of Booker High's Football Team and Head Track Coach for 4 years. He began his journey with the Boys and Girls Club in 1998 moving from Athletic Director to Program Director finally to Unit Director. After 15 years with the Boys and Girls Club Golden decided to follow his passion for cooking. Golden attended Johnson and Whales University after leaving his higher education he began his career as a Chef at 1897 The Market. Moving back to Florida he began his next opportunity as the catering Chef at Raymond James financial headquarters. Golden is excited to have come full circle, he is thrilled to cater to his community while training residents from his hometown. 

Director of Restaurant Development:

Andrew Grossman


Andrew started bussing tables in high school and for the next 20 years worked in positions, started companies and studied businesses in and around the hospitality industry. Throughout his career, Andrew has groomed dozens of industry novices for successful careers in the service industry. Learning new skills, identifying unconventional competitive advantages and mentoring future leaders drives Andrew personally and professionally

Tableseide Cares:

Lisa Seidensticker


Lisa Seidensticker began her career in restaurants at the age of 14 at a local Boca Grande landmark, the “Theater Restaurant”. Lisa has spent the last 11 years building and running local dining establishments with Tableseide Restaurant Group. Lisa has learned the business through hands-on training while focusing on the event department, accounting, marketing and operations of all locations. She is passionate about curating and maintaining a business culture that includes hard work, passion, and a drive to learn all aspects of the hospitality industry.

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