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Our Story

Miss Susie's Newtown Kitchen began as a dream of restaurateur Steve Seidensticker. Following his untimely death in 2018 the project sat stagnant until late 2019 when Lisa Seidensticker and Andrew Grossman took the helm of the project.


Miss Susie's 2.0 was born through a shared belief that a variety of career avenues exist in the hospitality industry that reward hard work and experience. One of our goals is to make students aware of these opportunities. We also believe passionately about investing in the people of the community and providing them with the skills and experience needed to launch careers in hospitality.


While many of Mr. Seidensticker’s goals for Miss Susie’s Newtown Kitchen remain the same, Lisa, Andrew and Chef Golden Monix have devised a more updated and methodical approach on how to fulfill the key mission points. We believe education and job creation are paramount to this program.


By investing in the people first, we can more quickly and efficiently create a positive impact in Newtown and forge a partnership with the people to help us concept and operate a restaurant and/or training facility that can best serve Newtown. Job creation will immediately help the people in need and aid the local restaurant industry starved for talent. Through this program we hope to cultivate a passion in students to explore the career possibilities within one of the leading industries of Sarasota.


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 How can you help? 

Community Partnerships


This project will succeed with the unity of a community and her wonderful organizations that can come together to support the mutual mission. We will be actively seeking partnerships in the community. Please contact our team if you feel we can join forces to provide this service.

Financial Donation


Join in this community project through a monetary donation. Your donation will fund construction and initial operating expenses.

In-Kind Donation

Make Miss Susie's a reality through in-kind donations. During our first phase of fundraising we are seeking any construction materials or equipment that can be used. Please contact us to receive our wish list.

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1741 Dr. Martin Luther King Way

Sarasota, FL 34234

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